In April 2016, Bandhu was commissioned to design and construct a Rube Goldberg “Escape Room” by Arizona State University. This was part of a special event called “EMERGE,” a kind of festival of the future, that ASU sponsors every year. The theme this year was “Sport 2040,” and about twenty different “visitation leaders” created displays or events that reflected some vision for what sports might involve twenty-four years into the future.

Bandhu was brought in because of his experience with whimsical kinetic sculpture. After a group brainstorming session, Bandhu was asked to fill a 16 x16-foot room with a collection of crazy contraptions, puzzles and games of skill designed to challenge members of the public, who came through in groups of four. Participants were “locked” into the room and only by solving all the challenges in the allotted twelve minutes could they “escape.” It was a lot of work to design and fabricate the many mechanisms, but Bandhu had a good time and so did the attendees at the event. In this gallery you will see steps in the creation of this walk-in kinetic sculpture, including a cheesy demonstration by Bandhu himself of one of the mechanisms, which involve puzzles to be solved as well as games of skill.

(All overhead images courtesy of ClutchPhoto)

EM 1.jpg