Formed of Fire

Contemporary Selections in Lampworked Glass

By Bandhu Dunham
Foreword by Tina Oldknow of the Corning Museum of Glass


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"… contains not only a concise history of lampworking and commentary, but a gallery-like exploration of some of the most exciting and masterful work by lampworkers today ... The entire design of the book, as well as the content, is informative and beautiful ... Formed of Fire would be a fine addition to your glass library." –The Bead Release

"This volume is recommended for specialized and larger collections … well-chosen artists and artworks effectively demonstrate the important work now being produced in glass art, exposing this art form to a wider audience."  –Library Journal

Formed of Fire: Selections in Contemporary Lampworked Glass is a lavishly illustrated showcase edited by Bandhu Dunham, one of the founding members of the modern movement of artistic lampworkers. "Lampworking" (also sometimes called "flameworking") is the technique of shaping glass rods and tubes in a torch flame. In ancient times, the glass was melted over the flame of an oil or paraffin lamp, hence the traditional name. In the last 20 years, lampworking has evolved into a thriving branch of the Studio Glass movement. Everything from tiny beads and marbles, to paperweights to huge architectural installations can be and is made using lampwork methods. This "coffee table" book showcases the work of established and emerging artists in the lampwork field, from the United States and around the globe.

Formed of Fire begins with a foreword by Tina Oldknow, Curator of Modern Glass at the Corning Museum of Glass. There follows a brief historical introduction which gives context to the artist pages that fill most of the volume. One or two pages per artist display recent work with descriptive text and a commentary by either the author or by the artist him- or herself. Dunham's position as a respected colleague of the featured artists gives him a distinct perspective on the subject as well as unique access to the artists and their process. Several of the lampworkers allowed themselves to be photographed while executing a piece, and the sequence of photos illustrating their creative process adds to the reader's understanding and appreciation of the work shown. An illustrated glossary of lampworking terminology concludes the text, making this a valuable reference for anyone interested in lampworked glass.

Over 75 artists are represented in full color throughout the book. They include a number of exciting newcomers, but also the most respected figures working in the field: Alex Arbell, Frederick Birkhill, Shane Fero, Kazuyo Hashimoto, Dina Hulet, Brian Kerkvliet, Kristina Logan, Robert Mickelsen, William Morris, Roger Parramore, Sally Prasch, Ginny Ruffner, Toru Sato, Paul Stankard, Loren Stump, Césare Toffolo, Gianni Toso, Milon Townsend, Kurt Wallstab and many others.

ISBN 0-9658972-2-2; 128 pages; 22.3 cm.
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