Bandhu Scott Dunham

artist, author, teacher

Salusa Glassworks, Inc.
P.O. Box 2354
Prescott,  Arizona  86302

(928) 445-5445
(800) 515-7281
Fax: (928) 541-9570

Professional Experience

Grants Committee, Arizona Glass Alliance
President, Northern Chapter, Arizona Designer Craftsmen
President and CEO, Salusa Glassworks, Inc.
Editor and Publisher, Attitude Problem Magazine


Teaching and Demonstration Engagements

2010 Foreign Guest Professor, Osaka University of Arts, Osaka, Japan

Workshops and Conferences: Niijima Glass Art Center (Japan); Glass Art Association of Canada; Society of Glass Beadmakers, The Studio of Corning Museum of Glass, Penland School of Crafts, Glass Art Society, Antonius Glass Studio, Oak Creek Ranch School, Coconino Center for the Arts, Kittrell/Riffkind Gallery, Sable V Gallery, Horizons/New England Crafts Program, Shemer Art Center, Portia Gallery, Aichi Educational University (Japan), Glass Axis, Timberwolf Studio, Inspiration Farm/Gossamer Glass Studio; International Glass Symposium (Lauscha, Germany) Japan Lampwork Society; Pilchuck Glass School; Pratt Fine Arts Center (Seattle), Tama Art University; Glass Mouse; Ropex International.


Selected Exhibitions

2014: Glassmakers (Phoenix Airport Museum, Phoenix AZ)
2014: Hsinchu City International Glass Art Festival, (Hsinchu City Glass Museum, Taiwan)
2013: Life Forms (Web exhibition)
2013: Ceci N'est Pas Une Pipe (Seattle Center on Contemporary Art)
2013: STEAM Off (Philabaum Gallery, Tucson, AZ)
2012: Flow: 10 Years of Glass at Mesa Arts Center (Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, Mesa, AZ)
2012: Arizona Valentine (Phoenix Airport Museum, Phoenix, AZ)
2011: A Legacy of Fine Craft (Brookfield Craft Center, Brookfield, CT)
2010: Playing With Fire (Philabaum Gallery, Tucson, AZ)
2010: Mechanics of the Imagination (Prescott College, Prescott, AZ)
2010: Momentum (Tempe Public Galleries, Tempe, AZ)
2010: Playing With Fire (Philabaum Gallery, Tucson, AZ)
2010: Mechanics of the Imagination (Prescott College, Prescott, AZ)
2010: Momentum (Tempe Public Galleries, Tempe, AZ)
2009: International Hot Glass Invitational (Las Vegas, NV)
2009: Craftsmanship 2009 (Arizona State University, Tempe AZ)
2009: Contemporary Flamework (Wheaton Arts Gallery, Millville, NJ)
2009 Governor’s Arts Award Glass Artist Exhibit , (Mesa Art Center, Mesa AZ)
2008: Behold The Brilliance (Cattletrack Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ)
2008: Playful Mystique (Solo exhibit; Phoenix Airport Museum, Phoenix, AZ)
2008: Steep In Thought (Teapot exhibition, Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA)
2007: Kobe Biennale: International Lampwork Competition (Invited Artist) (Kobe, Japan)
2007: Cheers! A MAD Collection of Goblets (Museum of Art and Design, New York, NY)
2006: Color and Movement  (NAU Art Museum, Flagstaff, AZ)
2006: Passing the Torch (Brookfield Craft Center, Brookfield, CT)
2006: Glass Art Association of Canada (Red Deer, Alb., Canada)
2006: 2d Invitational Glass Exhibition (Venice Art Center, Venice FL)
2005: Glass Metal Wood (Phoenix Airport Museum)
2005: Solo Exhibition (Yuma Fine Art Museum, Yuma, AZ)
2004: Summer Instructor Show (Pittsburgh Glass Center)
2004: Solo Show (Mountain Artists Gallery, Prescott, AZ)
2004: North American Glass 2004 (Guilford Handcraft Center, Guilford, CT)
2004: International Glassymposium Lauscha (Lauscha, Germany)
2003: Glass Weekend (Creative Glass Center of America, Millville, NJ)
2004: International Glass Collectors Exhibition (Global Art Venue, Seattle, WA)
2003: Solo Exhibition (Parada Gallery, Prescott, AZ)
2002: Magic of the Lamp (Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, NY)
2002: Goblet Invitational (Kittrell/Riffkind Gallery, Dallas, TX)
2002: Instructors Exhibition (Penland School Gallery, Penland, NC)
2001: Regions of the Flame II (Philabaum Gallery, Tucson, AZ)
2001: Passing the Torch (West End Gallery, Corning, NY)
2001: Instructors Exhibition (Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass)
2000: Niijima International Festival Exhibition (Tokyo)
2000: Recollection & Recognition (Sky Harbor Airport, Phoenix)
2000: Glass Art Association of Canada (Red  Deer College)
2000: When It Melts, It Pours (Shemer Art Center, Phoenix)



The Corning Museum of Glass; Kobe Lampwork Glass Museum, Kobe, Japan; Enigma Restaurant; Athanor,  Inc.; Niijima Glass Art Center, Niijima, Japan; Sphere Museum, Tokyo, Japan; Museum für Glaskunst, Lauscha, Germany; Museum of Arts and Design (Formerly American Craft Museum); Osaka University of Arts Museum;

Selected Private Collections:  Robin Anderson; Curtis Brock; Dale Chihuly; Shane Fero; Suellen Fowler; Brian Kerkvliet; Pavel Molnar;  Marilyn & Steven Neulander; Jonathan Richman; Ginny  Ruffner;  Lewis C. Wilson.



2009: Juror’s Award, Craftsmanship Exhibition, Arizona Designer Craftsmen
2009: Work Selected for Governor’s Art Awards, Arizona
2004: First Place, Flame-Off, Sonoran Glass Art Academy, Tucson AZ
2004: Niche Award Finalist, Goblet and Lampworked Glass Categories
2004: Invited Artist, International Glass Symposium, Lauscha, Germany
2003: Creativity Award, Flame-Off, Sonoran Glass Art Academy, Tucson AZ
2001: Best of Show, Arizona Designer Craftsmen
1999: Residency, The Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass
1997: Niche Award Finalist, Goblet and Glass Sculpture categories
1996: First Place, Scottsdale Arts Festival
1991: First Place, Sedona Arts Center
1991: First Place, Festival In the Pines, Flagstaff, AZ
1991: Best of Category, Coconino Center for the Arts
1989: Best of Show, Arizona Glass Competition
1987: First Place, Sedona Arts Center Annual Guild Show
1986: Scholarship to attend the Pilchuck School
1985: Teaching Assistantship, the Pilchuck School (Assistant to Ginny Ruffner)
1982: Nomination for Corning Purchase Prize to Pilchuck Students
1981: United States Patent for satirical "Test Tube Baby"
1979: Work Selected to decorate New Jersey State Christmas Tree


Glass-Related Studies

2000: Advanced Lampworking. The Studio of Corning Museum of Glass (Under Césare Toffolo).

1987: Neon Fabrication.  The Pilchuck School (under Fred Tschida).

1986: Neon Fabrication.  The Pilchuck School (under Fred Tschida).

1984: Lampworking.  The Pilchuck School (under Ginny Ruffner).

1983: Lampworking.  The Pilchuck School (under Pavel Molnar)
Offhand Glassblowing. Yavapai College (Prescott, AZ).

1982: Offhand Glassblowing. The Pilchuck School (under Dan Dailey).
Offhand Glassblowing.  Yavapai College (Prescott, AZ).

1981: Offhand Glassblowing.  The Pilchuck School (under Dan Dailey).

1980: Offhand Glassblowing.  The New York Experimental Glass Workshop.

1977-79:  Lampworking.  Princeton University (under Chemistry Department Glassblower).

1975: Began Self-instruction in Lampwork.


Online Presence



Writings by Bandhu:

  • Contemporary Lampworking: A Practical Guide to Shaping Glass in the Flame (Third Edition, volumes I-III)
  • Formed of Fire: Selections in Contemporary Lampworked Glass
  • Creative Life: Spirit, Power and Relationship in the Practice of Art
  • “Lampworked Goblets”, Vetro Magazine
  • Editor, Attitude Problem Magazine.

Additional Media

  • 500 Judaica, Lark Books, 2010
  • Best of America Glass Artists, 2010
  • Creative Glass, Schiffer Books, 2010
  • 500 Glass Objects, Lark Books, 2006
  • Design! by Steven Aimone, 2004, Lark Books
  • “The Kinetic Movement,” Glass Magazine, Spring 2008
  • “Gallery,” American Craft Magazine, August/September, 2005
  • “The New Craft,” Desert Living Magazine, May/June 2004
  • Two-part Interview, Neus Glas Magazine, Spring and Summer, 2004
  • The Flow Magazine, Fall 2003
  • Glass Talk Radio, 2002, 2003
  • “Carrying the Torch” Phoenix Home & Garden, October 2001
  • Niijima International Glass Art Festival Video Documentary
  • “Museum Begins Series With Visit From Lampworker” The Leader
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  • Phoenix New Times Magazine
  • Thrasher Magazine
  • Glass Line Magazine
  • Glass Craftsman Magazine


Artist’s Statement

I always wanted to be a mad scientist or an alchemist. By fifteen, I had an extensive chemistry lab in my parents’ basement. Since the beakers at the hobby store were never cool-looking enough, I taught myself the basics of lampwork glassblowing. Later, I dropped out of Chemical Engineering at Princeton to become an artist.

Whimsy and elegance are the yin and yang of the functional work; the goblets display a childlike delight, or playful combinations of forms. Many of the sculptural pieces seem to carry scars, implying growth over time or an unspoken history. The patterns of Nature and Nature’s effects on man-made structure fascinate me. I express my experience of the natural world by incorporating odd juxtapositions and bending forms to follow my own quirky sensibility.

I find glass the perfect medium for this kind of work:  its fluidity, malleability and paradoxical nature bring out the mysterious parts of myself that I seek to explore and express through art.  I enjoy and have pursued lampworking since 1975 because of its immediacy and practicality. The beauty, transparency and fragility of glass are especially well-suited for exploring the themes that interest me.

Fanciful steam engines and other kinetic sculptures represent a full turn of the circle, back to the colorful, elemental mysteries that captivated my childhood self. He’s still in there, and he wants you to come play, too.